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May 30, 2008

Defining Terms I Use in Reviewing Car Shows

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The M3 weblog is dedicated to the Classic car and Hotrod enthusiast. I will on occasion review shows that I have attended an use terms that I have coined for descriptive value. Here they are…

Ada Boy Show – This is a car show where the host basically gives awards to his fellow club members, friends and themselves. It a way to collect money and really doesn’t promote the hobby. I’m a firm believer in the host or host club not competing in their own show.

In My Pocket – This is a show that it’s sole purpose is to collect money. Some are legit in having a charity but other are not. Some hosts can take it too far.

Show and Shine – This is a display of cars usually to support an event but there is no competition. Also clubs do these as a social with other car clubs.

Independent Judging – This is a type judging that is preferred and mainly found at your high-end shows. The judges have no affiliation with the host or host club and are usually paid for their services.

Host Judging – The host or host club judges the show. Again, I feel the host should not compete in their own show.

Public Judging – The general public judge the show. This type of judging is mainly found in your small or low-budget shows and are not really conclusive when awarding the best car. The public are generally lazy and will not look at all cars at a show for judging. One could win just by where they are parked.

Participant Judging – The actual participants of the show judge the cars. This type of judging is also found at your smaller and low-budget shows and are not really conclusive in awarding the best car. One local club can come in with 10 to 20 cars and vote for themselves and take the whole show. This can also be related to Ada Boy Shows.

Look for upcoming reviews soon!



  1. […] Car/Bike/Truck Show – St. Gabriel, LA Had a few reports come in that this show was an “Ada Boy” show.  The event took place in St. Gabriel, LA on Saturday, August 2nd and had […]

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  2. I enjoyed reading your definitions of the different types of car shows. I agree that most car shows do not award the trophy’s to the best cars, but it is still fun to go and see all of the fine machines, and appreciate the work that went into the restoration.


    Comment by Mel King — September 3, 2008 @ 11:34 am

  3. I think you should have attended this show before you rate it an attaboy show. N ot just locals placed and no club members cars were in for awards just display only. Over 100 cars and a few bikes. You entered a car you were a judge. Next year come see and have a good time and vote for the cars you like.

    Comment by Jay — August 15, 2009 @ 11:05 pm

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