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June 8, 2008

Mattel and HotWheels are finally back on my good side.

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I was once a collector of Hotwheels for many years until they just totally screwed everything up. In 2003 Hotwheels decided to introduce 100 First Editions to the already massive lineup of cars. Those of you that don’t know, First Editions are just that, the first time a car is introduced to the Hotwheels lineup and then it gets repainted multiple times and repackaged until it is ultimately retired in a Final Run. There are very few cars that have “really” been retired. Back to the point. Hotwheels introduces 100 First Editions as opposed to the usual 32 to 48 cars they have done in the past and most of them are CRAP! Now I know that Hotwheels are a child’s toy but there is also a huge collector market for these little diecast cars. I would hope that Mattel would produce actual cars that exist or a reasonable facsimile of one. Plastic dinosaurs on wheels and motorized scooters just doesn’t do it for me. I guess what I’m trying to say is why not educate kids about the automobile instead of producing another mindless creation that will be discarded two minutes after the package is ripped open.
Well I guess someone is paying attention at Mattel because I’m actually thrilled to see some really great cars in the 2008 lineup. How about a ’65 Mustang Fastback, ’70 GTO, ’69 Chevelle, ’69 Torino Talladega, ’62 Chevy Truck, Custom Ford Bronco, ’69 Super Bee and a Custom ’77 Dodge Van. Yeah, looks I might be back in the game. Go to www.hotwheels.com for a complete line up of new First Edition, Series and Limited Series cars.


  1. Hi! I’m new to the whole blogging thing, but I read your blog about how lame Hotwheels got back in ’03 and had to reply. I actually stopped collecting in ’04 -I was tired of too many versions, most of which no longer had the metal bases, and weren’t actual known-car models. The only Hotwheels I really bought after that were the Classics. I love muscle cars, and bought up every Classic muscle car I could find.
    I hope you’re now finding what you’re looking for in the newer Hotwheels. I recently have sold a large chunk of my collection, just keeping the cars I actually like. I’m now focusing on creating cool ways of displaying my cars. If interested, check out my site and let me know what you think of some of the displays I’ve made.
    Thanks for the good posting.

    Comment by carlson442 — November 29, 2008 @ 10:40 pm

  2. Plastic dinosaurs on wheels… LMFAO Thank you, I could have never phrased it so well. I’m with you on that. Personally I just started collecting about a year ago when the economy dived and I couldn’t afford to do much with my real hotrods. Like you, I only buy real cars that I like. Walgreens and the grocery store have been a gold mine for picking up classics, since 68’s, and red lines. The Larry’s Garage has some sweet ones, but I’m having to pick them up on ebay. I’ve been to 30 plus stores between Walmart, Kmart, and Target. They all have empty pegs. Mattel and the stores are stupid. They’re missing out on so many sales.

    Heard you were looking for early 70’s camaros. I’ve got a 1970 from this years St. Pattys series. It’s green with gold wheels, but that could be changed…

    Comment by Aaron — April 4, 2009 @ 5:08 pm

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