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June 26, 2008

The Lost Art Of Cruising

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I was contacted recently by an old friend that found me through one of the many car sites that I frequent on a regular basis. We caught up chatting about our spouses and kids and where our lives had led us and then began reflecting back about our days of youth.
The conversation went back to my first custom, a 1987 Chevy S-10 Pick-up. I was never much of an athlete in high school, so much of my time and attention went to that truck. It was a black base model S-10 with air with gold fade stripes. It didn’t even have a radio. I remember Dad saying “You can do anything you want to it but DON’T TOUCH THE MOTOR!”. Well I did just that.
The truck was lowered 5 inches in the rear and 4 inches in the front with Keystone Blackstar wheels and low profile tires. My shock mounts were 1 inch off the ground and when ever I changed lanes I would actually rip up the reflective lane markers in the road. I washed that truck every Friday evening for the cruising that would take place on Friday and Saturday night. My grandfather would say “Your gonna wash the paint off that truck!”. It was never seen dirty. The truck would eventually evolve into what you see in the picture. The stripes came off, the grill and headlight bezels were painted black, glass was tinted and smoked headlight covers were added. A friend of mine once said the truck just looked plain evil to him. It was then and there the truck was named “Justa Lil’ Evil”. I actually have a tattoo on my right arm in memory of that first custom. That little truck started it all for me.
I submitted a picture and write-up about the truck to Mini-Truckin’ magazine and they actually printed it in an issue in 1989.
To this day, every time I hear Def Leppard’s Hysteria album it reminds me of the many hours of cruising between Natchez, MS and Vidalia, LA. I remember putting over 200 miles on that truck every weekend just cruising the loop. The “Loop” consisted of starting in Vidalia. LA. then across the bridge into Natchez, MS then through Natchez Mall then through to Tracetown Shopping Center and back.
Cruising was our 80s My Space. This is how we kept in contact with everyone. There were no cellphones or internet. We just cruised and saw everyone.
There was nothing like a full tank of gas, your best girl next to you, great tunes and the road at night to just wander. That was Cruising.
Charlotte, thanks for the trip back to memory lane. Damn! Now I feel like going Cruising. Guess I’ll get the ’71 Camaro out for a few rounds of the “Loop”.


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  1. My pleasure, Trey. That truck was awesome! I will back up what you said about how well you kept it spic & span!! The old days were alot of fun cruising around Vidalia and Natchez. I enjoyed catching up with what been going on in ours lives for the past 20 (?) years! Thanks for sharing this with me.

    Comment by Charlotte — June 26, 2008 @ 10:32 am

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