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July 28, 2008

Goodyear really Screwed Up at Indy this weekend…

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This Sunday’s NASCAR race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway was basically a farce.  Goodyear brought a CRAP tire that required competition cautions about every 12 laps which really screwed fans out of a good race and in turn put the drivers and equipment in danger.  Goodyear even tested there this year!  There is NO reason this should have happened.  The cars would come in and have cord showing and there were several top 12 drivers impacted by the Goodyear deficiencies.  There were countless numbers of blown tires and I feel the race should have been stopped and rescheduled.

I really think it is time for Goodyear to step aside and let another manufacturer come in and build tires for NASCAR’s Elite series.  NASCAR is just as to blame as Goodyear because they recognized a problem during Cup Practice and didn’t take action.  I guess it’s all about the all mighty dollar and not really the sport.   I’m just glad I wasn’t a fan that actually paid to see that race because I would be demanding my money back.


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