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September 4, 2008

I’m Back and Gustav is Gone!

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I’m really glad things are getting back to normal.  I lost power about 4:30 pm on Monday and finally got it back at about 6:00 pm on Wednesday.  Gustav hit us pretty hard but I feel we got off lucky because it could have been much worse.  The rains afterwards were more of a concern.  I had about another 2 inches and my shop in the back yard would have flooded.  I’m really glad we took the precautions we did before the storm.  Things were a bit uncomfortable for a few days with the heat and mosquitoes but we all made it through fine. I borrowed a small generator from my Dad and it was our saving grace.  It was just big enough to power the refrigerator, radio, TV, DVD player, a light and 2 fans as well as keep our cell phones charged.  When all is settled down I will definitely be investing in a large generator for the next time.  Wither another hurricane or Ice Storm…I will be prepared.

The last of the tornado watches ended early this morning about 2:00 am.  So now it is a day of cleaning up all the mess.  We also developed a few roof leaks so I also will be calling the insurance company.

A Special Thanks to Entergy and all that assisted them in getting power back up.  Also a special thanks to CPSO, VPD and all that kept things in order during this difficult time.

Here a some pics of the water and damage.  Some pics were taken before the heavy rains moved in and some afterwards.

Sorry for the delay on the Monthly Contest but I will get it up and running as soon as I get a chance.


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