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September 9, 2008

I Don’t Like Ike!

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Seems we have another hurricane heading our way.  I won’t say I’m ready for it but I’m better prepared.  I recently went to Home Depot just to price generators thinking they would be sold out or the pickings would be slim but I rather found a well stocked supply of generators, gas cans and air conditions.  They were also well stocked with batteries, cases of water, extension cords and everything you would possibly need to weather (no pun intended) a big storm.

I have heard some really down Home Depots customer service, but these guys had their act together.  They basically had two different types of generators both being around 5000 watts.  You had your choice of an American made Briggs and Stratton 5500 Watt Storm Surge or a Foreign made Pramac 5000 Watt S5000.  Both of these generators were $699.  I weighed the stats on both and was just about to choose the Briggs when a guy saw me researching the two generators and said “I have the Pramac and it is the best generator I have owned”  He said he bought it on the fly during Katrina and it had served him well since.  By that time a young guy who worked there and was assisting with the generators said, “Yeah, the Pramac is a better choice since the engines are made by Honda.”  I asked if they had received any generators back and he said about 6 had come back and they were all Briggs & Stratton Storm Surges.   Well I was sold and bought the Pramac.  I’m usually one of those that buy American when at all possible but this is one of those cases where I wanted to be assured that what I purchased would do the job.

One of the main discomforts while without power was the lack of Air Condition.  Fans helped but eventually just moved the heat around.  Trying to sleep with the heat and humidity along with the influx of mosquitoes (since the house was basically open) made things miserable.  I also purchased a 110 volt portable 9000 BTU Air Condition that will cool approximately 400 square feet.  This unit cost $239 and I ended up buying  two (one for my parents).

Home Depot also had the generators ready to go already on a flatbed cart lined-up on two different isles with a gas can.  So getting in and out was somewhat painless.  Cudos to Home Depot!

So basically for about a $1000 I would say I’m not ready for Ike, but rather better prepared.


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  1. Terrific info,, hope to come back soon.

    Comment by wadefaste — May 20, 2009 @ 3:20 pm

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