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September 17, 2008

100 Years of General Motors…

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I was just thinking how iconic GM has been over the past century and in a way it kind of saddens me to see where we are today and what our futures look to be.

As a kid I always thought about the future of transportation when futuristic movies portrayed the automobile as a quiet sleek bullet like craft that zipped around.  Some still had wheels some not and I always thought they were really neat but they all looked the same.  There was nothing unique about them there was no identity amongst manufacturers.

Some people just simply don’t care and want a mode of transportation that is cheap to operate and will get them from point A to point B.  Well that is what they are getting.

On the eve of GM’s 100th Anniversary they have introduced their latest and greatest cookie cutter hybrid called the VOLT.  After a 100 years of automobile innovation this is what General Motors has to offer us.

Behold your future…

If they had any since at all the perfect 100 Anniversary car would have been the Camaro.   They just want to dangle it in front of people and keep telling them next year…maybe…well we’ll see.

I will keep my ’71 Camaro Z28 RS and my ’94 Chevy Silverado P/U and celebrate General Motors 100 Years Anniversary for what they were and not for what they are becoming.


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