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October 11, 2008

Gas Prices and Our Declining Economy

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Well I’m sure you have all noticed that gas prices have continued to fall.  Yesterday I noticed Murphy’s (Wal-Mart) Fuel had Unleaded Regular at $2.93 a gallon.  The place was crawling with people of course.  It kinda makes me mad because now that the economy is in the tank (no pun intended) I guess the powers that be want to make sure everyone can afford the gas to get to the job they won’t have soon because those same people feel it is in our best interest to have us pay for the BAD decisions that Corporate America made in giving loans to people who they knew couldn’t pay them back (catch Breath here).

So what now!  Well it falls on Middle Class America AGAIN.  Yes, the ones that pay most of the taxes are the ones that will be funding the free pass for these idiots that are living in $200,000.00 homes and only make $35,000 a year.  Yes this is due to the stupidity of the Homeowners and the Lenders.  The victims here are the ones footing  the bill (Middle Class) which ironically had nothing to do with the whole fiasco in the first place.

It’s like the government giving you a Tissue for a 5 year bloody nose then billing you for the box they got it from.

I really don’t like to talk about Politics or Religion on the M3 Blog but at times I do vent.

I love my country, don’t get me wrong but I have ZERO confedence in our leadership and our choices for President don’t look very promising either.

America…Land of the ________ (Fill in the Blank) and the home of the _________ (Fill in the Blank).  Because it could change real soon.


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  1. Perhaps this crisis was devised to stop the transfer of wealth to the oil producers:


    Comment by morris — October 11, 2008 @ 9:09 am

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