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October 22, 2008

Homeruns & Hotrods Update…

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I have been real busy getting things completed and my list of things to do is still a mile long but it looks as if everything is coming together. There have been a few changes like the show will take place on the Ball Field next to Vidalia High School. The Concordia Parrish School Board and Vidalia High School Principal gave me some grief over using the High School parking lot so I opted to move the Show to the Ball Park. The move does have it’s advantages. Seems they didn’t have a problem letting us use the parking lot but did have a problem letting us use the entry hall of the gym to let our guests have bathrooms. I was getting no where in getting an answer so I made the move. I don’t know why the Concordia Parrish School Board and Vidalia High School have to be so difficult. It’s a benefit for the Vidalia High School Fast Pitch Softball Program it should be a NO BRAINER! The ballpark is owned by the city so I didn’t have to deal with VHS and the School Board. As luck would have it Eddie Beach, who happened to be last years assistant coach for the girls, was over the field for the Co-Ed league who also keeps up the field. He was the “goto” guy on getting the field for the show and it was a NO BRAINER for him and then and there my headache went away.
Some advantages of moving to the Ball Field are: Bathrooms, Concession Stand, P/A, and Grills. The cars will be parked in the Outfield thus being fenced in so no spectators driving cars or riding bicycles through and around show cars. Large covered bleechers and the pavilion will give everyone a place to sit down and eat, relax and enjoy the show. Now if only the weather will cooperate, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it!
I have posted pics of some of the Live Auction items. You can click on the pics for a larger view. I have some really nice items that will be going up for bid so check them out.
I will Update everyone as things change. I’m hoping there won’t be many more though.


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