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November 6, 2008


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hhshirtfrontAs time gets short so does my list of things to do.  This has been a very eventful week for me and looks to be an even busier month.  I have been extremely busy with getting things finished for the show as well as dealing with a lot of change at work.

Vidalia Market was kind enough to donate a huge Ribeye slab to be raffled for a $1.00 a chance.  The winner can go to Vidalia Market to have it butchered anyway they want it for free.  I personally bought one of these  and it made 12 – 1″ steaks.  Great Stuff for the holidays.

This weekend I will be at the Cruisin Southern Style at the Paragon Casino Show in Marksville, LA and will be passing out flyers and just relaxing before our show November 15th.  I got the Camaro cleaned up serviced and it’s ready to go.  I was out riding around on Monday and forgot how much it is a joy to drive that car.  Honestly with gas prices as high as they were at one time I was not getting out very much at all.  Now for around $40 I can fill up on Premium and cruise till my hearts content.  It’s a great feeling.

Next week I will start the process of contacting the radio stations and doing final email-outs to everyone leading up the Homeruns & Hotrods Show.

Again, I would like to thank all of the Clubs and Websites for putting the word out about our show.  If you haven’t noticed, in the side bar I have added a new banner link from http://www.carshownationals.com.  This is a new site to the hobby and we exchanged banner links to promote each other.  So go by and check those guys out.  I’m glad to have them guys onboard.

I would like to take the time to thank a specific person.  If not for them this show would not have happened.  My daughter Shelby has stepped up and really made this show happen.  She has done everything that I have asked her to do and then some.  It’s kids like this that strive to do their best for a cause that inspire me.  She has been around classic cars and hotrods for many years but never really showed interest as her main focus has always been softball.  This show has really brought us together in a different way than before.  When your 17 years old teenagers really start doing there own thing and I can respect that.  This show allowed us to take a step in each others world for a change.  This whole process has shown me what the world of Softball means to her and in turn she has developed a since of what classic cars and hotrods mean to me.  For one day in November the bounderies to those worlds will be blurred.  There will be Fastballs and Fast Cars, Homeruns and Hotrods…

I love you Kid and Thanks!


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  1. It’s reasons like this that I go out of my way to support events. I’m looking forward to meeting the good people at the “Homeruns & Hotrods 2008 Open Car Show”


    Comment by Terry — November 14, 2008 @ 7:11 pm

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