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November 9, 2008

You Just Can’t Compete With Money!

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Needless to say I was somewhat disappointed in Cruisin’ Southern Style at the Paragon Casino.  I was really hoping for this show to be something different but it was just a another clone of Cenla Hotrod Reunion and Cruisin’ for a Cure.  Though these shows have great causes and charities they all fall short in promoting the classic car and hotrod hobby.

I actually thought there was a glimmer of hope when I received the scoring card before rolling through the judging lanes and saw “Vehicles driven to the show should have consideration in scoring.”  This meant nothing.  If your going to have an “Open Show” with no classes you should not have Scoring or Judges.  It should be a show were the Popular Vote receives the award.

Larry Crain of Cruisin’ Style Magazine introduced me to the “Pick 5” Participant Judging with his show in Slaughter, LA. last year called Fall Fun Run 2007.  This was also the show I opted to go to instead of Cruisin’ Southern Style at the Paragon last year.  This type of Judging allows participants to pick 5 vehicles only and eliminates the “Ada Boy” voting and clubs coming in and taking the show by voting on their own cars.  It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s fair.  Professional built and high dollar Customs are on the same playing field as the Low-Budget Knuckle Buster Garage Built Hotrod.  That is what it should be all about.

If I heard Rick’s Rods one more time at that show I was gonna PUKE! (along with the song Poison Ivy)  Rick aspires to be the Boyd Coddington or Chip Foose of Louisiana.  There is nothing wrong with that and his cars are great there is no doubt.  But does a Rick’s Rods build that’s cost the owner $189,000 deserve an award?  It’s not about who built it or what it cost.  That alone is not deserving of anything but a big “Damn! You paid what?!”  It should be about the cars.  The answer to that question is a big fat NO!

If you would like to go to another show just like this there is one next weekend in Alexandria called Cruisin’ For a Cure.  The usual cast of characters will be there along with a good cause.  But if you would like to go to a small, fair, particiapant “Pick 5” show where your vehicle will be recognized and appreciated for what it is and not what it cost just come on over to Vidalia, LA for Homeruns & Hotrods Open Car Show.  We would love to have you.  The Vidalia Lady Vikings would really appreciate your support.

I will have a complete review of this show coming up at a later date complete with Digital pics and Burnout Video so stay tuned to M3.

Listen for me on the radio Thursday at 9:00 am on 104.7 The Gator!  I will be live On-the-Air talking about the upcoming show Homeruns & Hotrods!


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