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January 23, 2009

Time to do a little work on the ’94 Silverado

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Last year I came across a 1994 Chevy Silverado SWB Truck.  It was  one of those one owner, low mileage trucks you always hope to find.  This was an old man’s daily driver and is completely stock with a fuel injected 305  V8 and 700R4 transmission with only 97K miles.

The truck is in great shape for it’s age and runs like a top.  I have done a few things to it but nothing really cosmetic until now.  When I got the truck the Air Conditioning and heat didn’t work so I went about getting that fixed first.  I found out there was a shop rag sucked up into the air box thus burning up the fan motor and one actuator.  Well after replacing the fan motor and actuator everything was working well and then I noticed the A/C compressor constantly kicking on and off which probably means I have a leak which is common in a truck this old.  I will deal with the A/C when it starts warming up.  I do have heat and that is what is important right now.

imgI have been wanting to fix up the truck a bit and since it is winter I thought I would start with something that would not require me to be outside any extended periods of time.  Well I have ordered some wheels for the old Silverado.  I don’t care what you say…A good set of nice wheels can greatly improve the appearance of any vehicle.  I have chosen to go with the Soft 8s by Cragar.  They are a 8 Hole modular steel Chrome wheel and I will have 15″ x 8″ on the front while sporting 15″ x 10″ on the rear.  This is a classic hotrod setup and I think it will look great.  I’m looking to have about a 295/50R/15 tire on the  rear and possibly a good matching 60 series tire on the front.

I hope later on down the line to get the truck painted.  I’m not crazy about the current color which is that funky Teal Green Metallic that seemed to carry over from the 80s into the 90s.  The paint is original and a bit faded but I think a good cut and buff will bring it back to a decent shine.  I also want to remove the body side molding leaving just the fender chrome.  I think the body side molding really dates the truck.

I can never leave well enough alone with anything as I have recently located a fuel injected Police Interceptor SBC (which is basically a Corvette motor) with only 10K miles.  This may be trading places with the 305 power plant.  I have a buddy that I do a lot of so called horse trading with and he has the motor.

I will be posting before and after pics as I start getting things done.  So stay tuned.


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  1. A Police Interceptor Silverado? The Mounties in Alberta have a couple of those-then again it’s Alberta, it’s like a Canadian Texas. This truck sounds like it’s going to be a beast!

    Comment by jordanmorningstarblog — January 25, 2009 @ 10:26 am

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