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January 25, 2009

World Of Wheels 2009

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img_2359Had a great time at the World of Wheels show at the Super Dome in New Orleans.  I was really impressed with all of the different cars that were there.  Several different styles and genres were represented and represented well.  I saw several cars that I had seen at local shows and even the Best of Show from our show Homeruns & Hotrods we had last November.


img_2467The venue was really crowded and at times it was difficult to get good pics because of all the people hovering over the cars not to mention the long lines to get autographs from the kid B celebrities.  I really wish they would take the kiddie stuff some where else other than the main car show.  After all this is a car show not a carnival.  The Patrick and Sponge Bob, Kid from Hanna Montana and the other from High School Musical has NOTHING to do with cars.  Put them some where else!  This just added to the traffic jam in the Super Dome event area.


There were the usual venders pushing their wares.  Some were pretty convincing especially when they had beautiful, scantly clad woman with boobs pushed up to their chin handing out leaflets.  Yeah the cars were not the only thing easy on the eyes.  And NO I didn’t take pics of them, just the cars because I wanted it to be about the cars and not the girls…plus my wife reads this Blog and she may shoot me.

The feature cars were nice but I was a bit turnd off by the original KITT.  Itimg_2421 was in somewhat bad shape.  I noticed it had scratches, cracked wheel covers and the interior was looking a bit worn.  Seems like if this was going to be a feature car they would fix it up a bit.  I was most impressed with the Hirohata Mercury.  This was a George Barris car and it was beautiful.  This is when Barris was at the top of his game.  One of his best works ever.


img_2370Chip Foose’s P-32 Traditional Rod was nice but nothing really jaw dropping as you expect from Foose.  I think the display was more impressive than the actual car.  It was terribly simple with small custom touches that gave it a unigue quality that only a true rodder would pick up on.

Overall it was a great experience and the first World of Wheels I had ever been to.  I think Dad has decided to compete next year as there wasn’t a single 50’s T-Bird or GTO in the place.


I took video also and will get it posted some time later when I get a chance.  Check out my pics from the show here or go to the Car Show Pics link in the side bar.


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  1. thanks for the nice words about old yela just wanted you to know i took best of class , special award from rod & custom magazine.

    Comment by olen — January 27, 2009 @ 7:07 pm

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