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February 26, 2009

On This Day In Automotive History…

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February 26, 1903

Winton sets speed record

Alexander Winton, driving his Winton Bullet, set the first speed record ever achieved at Daytona Beach, Florida. Built in 1902 the “Bullet Number 1” drove a measured mile at over 65mph. The first automobile race at Daytona was held a year earlier when Winton and his Bullet took on Ransom Olds. The race was declared a tie as both cars reached a top speed of 57mph. For hardware lovers, the “Bullet 1” carried a massive water-cooled four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 792 cubic inches. It had automatic intake valves, operated by compressed air, and an overhead cam. Winton’s “Bullet 2” carried two four-cylinder engines bolted together, creating a straight eight. Winton’s cars were driven by legendary speed demon Barney Oldfield, whose celebrated competitions with Ralph DePalma carried car racing through its first decade. Oldfield was America’s first racing icon. Fans loved to watch him speed to victory with an unsmoked cigar clamped in his teeth.

February 25, 2009


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art-car-central-copy-copyRan across this and thought everyone would get a kick out of it.  Just click the graphic to check out the site.

February 24, 2009

Touching Base

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I haven’t posted much lately because things have been really going downhill at work.  The economy has finally caught up with the company  and in turn with me also.  So right now all of my attention is focused on finding new employment and some stability (if that exists) during these harsh economic times.

Though I’m not unemployed I still will not just sit there and watch everything unfold.

On a postive note…I was contacted by the owner of Farrah’s Foxy Vette.  If some of you remember I did an article on the Corvette that received a lot of attention from several different fan sites.  Well the owner found my article and contacted me.  I will be following up with him soon for an updated article on the car.  So stay tuned!

February 19, 2009


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A few updates I wanted to mention…

I FINALLY got the tires in for ’94 Silverado and had all of the new wheels and tires put on Tuesday.  It looks great and pics will be coming soon.  It has been raining here and the truck could use a good wash before pics are taken.  So you will have to wait.

I have been sick for about the past week and finally had enough and went to the doctor yesterday.  This is the first time I have been to the doctor in over 2 years.  Well I was told I had an upper respiratory infection and after 2 shots in the ass and a $160 worth of drugs I’m supposed to feel better.  Did I miss something?  Actually I do feel better this morning and will be heading back to work today.

I have updated the Events Calender and it looks like March will be a busy month for local car shows.  So go check out what coming up here in the Miss-Lou.

I’m waiting on Summit again for a Fuel Manifold for my dual quads that I will be installing on the 1971 Camaro Z28 RS.  It is on back order so I don’t know when it will show up.  I had to order a new Breather for the Dual Quads because the breather I had wouldn’t fit under the cowl induction opening in the Z28’s hood and I ordered a fuel pressure gauge.   So I still need to install the Dual Quads,  new Holly blue label electric fuel pump and regulator  as well.  Hope to get this all done before all of the local shows kick off in March.

February 17, 2009

On This Day In Automotive History…

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February 17, 1911

First self-starter installed

The first self-starter, based on patented inventions created by General Motors (GM) engineers Clyde Coleman and Charles Kettering, was installed in a Cadillac. In the early years of fierce competition with Ford, the self-starter would play a key role in helping GM to keep pace. The Ford Model T’s crank starter caused its share of broken jaws and ribs. Charles Kettering, the founder of Delco (Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company), devised countless improvements for the automobile, including lighting and ignition systems, lacquer finishes, antilock fuels, and leaded gasoline. Prior to his work with cars, Kettering also invented the electric cash register.

February 16, 2009

Daytona 500 Shortened by Rain

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Another Daytona 500 is history.  The 51st running of the Great American Race was shortened by rain when NASCAR determined the track was lost after heavy rain moved in from the west.  The race was called with only 48 laps left with Matt Kenseth in the lead with Kevin Harvick, the 2007 Daytona Champ in second.


Kevin Harvick said “If the race is called for rain and Matt wins that would be ok with me because Matt pushed me to the win in 2007.”

Matt Kenseth’s win at Daytona is Roush/Fenway’s first ever Daytona 500 win.

Congrats to Matt Kenseth and the Roush/Fenway organization on the first Daytona 500 win.

February 15, 2009

Daytona 500 – ‘Nuff Said!

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I will be parked in front of my 52″ HD Big Screen TV for the 51st running of the Daytona 500.  I WILL NOT be answering the phone, texts, emails, IMs or Twitter during this time.  So all of you are on your own.  I know some of you are panicing right now but you just have to carry on with out me for a few hours.

Ahhhhh! There is nothing like the smell of burnt rubber and exhaust in the afternoon!

I’m pulling for Kevin Harvick in the #29 Shell/Penzoil Chevy.  Go Kevin! Drive that thing like you STOLE it brother!

February 14, 2009

Valentine’s Day Pinup!

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kbs-bawidamann-lovebunny-lgHappy Valentine’s Day!  Hope all you guys took care of your better halves.  I know I did with Roses, Chocolate and a nice and Sappy Card.

February 13, 2009

Update: ’94 Chevy Silverado

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Well I’m still waiting on two tires so I can put my new tires and wheels on.  Summit came through and corrected their goof and I now have a complete set (correct sizes) of Cragar Soft 8s with knock-offs and two 245/60R/15 Cooper Cobra GT tires for the front.  I’m still waiting on my 295/50R/15 tires for the rear that I bought on eBay.

I got the ’94 Silverado cut and buffed and it looks great.  The paint was oxidized and a bit faded but it came back to a pretty decent shine.  I also removed the old body side molding just leaving the fender chrome.  There are a few paint chips and scratches here and there that need touched up but overall the truck looks better than it has in a long time.

I’m still working on the guy that has the SBC 350 Police Interceptor and transmission.  He is wanting a certain amount while I’m wanting to pay a certain amount so I’m gonna sit on it for a bit and see what happens.  He and I are friends but go back and forth like two kids trading marbles.  I hope to get the setup and stay under budget for the build.

Unfortunately it looks as if I will not be doing the ’67 Chevy C10 Rat Rod project.  Since I’m building the ’94 Silverado to be an all around Street Rod that will double for a Mule to pull the ’71 Camaro z28 RS it made more since to build the Silverado and invest the money in it than a lengthy project like the C10.

The ’67 Chevy C10 Stepside will be posted For Sale soon here on M3.

I’m hoping to get M3 caught up this weekend so stay tuned for the updates.  I’ve been a bit under the weather this week so posts have been a bit sparce this week.

February 12, 2009

I Got Nothing!

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Feeling a bit under the weather today and still have to work.  I will hopefully catch up this weekend.  So talk amongst yourselves.

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