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April 9, 2009

Update: Catfish Festival Car Show ’09

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fpcf091Well there was a different cast of characters running the show this year but it was the same old routine.

The show had about 25 less cars than last year with a noticeable absence of the Monroe, LA Corvette Club.  The show was judged by a select group of participants using an official points system.  Now what part of that doesn’t stink?  Yeah that’s right, the judges made sure their cars or in one case his wife’s car won.  Needless to say, this show is still an “Ada Boy” Show and I would be really pissed if I paid an entry fee.  But I didn’t and the show continues to be free to enter.  I guess that is one of the reasons why these guys continually take advantage of this show because they think the participants are not out anything.

This show needs to be a participant judged show especially because of the size and for fairness.  Let the popular vote win and get rid of all this official-score sheet-points Bullshit and just make it a fun easy day for all.  Some people want to make things so damn difficult.  I mean it’s a Catfish Festival and not The World of Wheels! C’mon!

It was a great day just to get out and cruise in the Camaro though.  The Camaro hadn’t been out, much less started up since middle of November.  After a few whines she fired off with no problem and ran like a champ all day.  It was almost as if she needed to get out and play after a long winter.

Even though I don’t condone Street Racing I had to give a young man a lesson in Muscle Car 101.

On the way to the festival I was cruising at about 75 MPH when a new Hemi Charger Shoots past me doing at least 100 MPH.  The charger was the 01_ext_phtgal_char_09spaceball typical 20-something inch wheels, candy paint and bumping sound system that is the latest fad around here.  Well I thought for a second and then said to myself “I don’t think so!” and dropped her down and punched it.  I was on top of the Charger in no time and the look on the drivers face was priceless.  I’m not sure if we was shocked that I caught up with him so fast or the fact that I was casually looking over at him while doing about 120 MPH.  The driver waved basically acknowledging that he was defeated and that the lesson was learned.  He backed off and became a spec in the rearview in no time.

The Camaro was running great.  I thought for sure when I geared down to catch the Charger that I would be hitting the rev limiter but I never did.  She never missed a beat and was hitting on all eight.  Man, what a rush!  Nothing compares to Old Muscle!


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