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June 25, 2009

Farrah’s Foxy Vette Update…

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Since the death of Farrah Fawcett was announced this site has been bombarded with hits to the original Farrah’s Foxy Vette article I wrote a while back.

I have talked to the owner this evening and he does not want to be contacted about the car at this time.  He has promised an exclusive article on the Vette when he is ready to bring the car out of hiding.

Please do not contact me asking for the Owner’s Name or contact information because I will not release it out of respect for the Owner’s privacy.

Stay tuned to M3 for the Exclusive on Farrah’s Foxy Vette coming soon…farrah_fawcett


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  1. I contacted George Barris personally and he confirmed over the phone that I had the original. I had sent him pictures of the car and called him on his business phone. I bought the car wrecked and had Shorty Lutz help with the repair of the body. Shorty had beat George out on a paint job for first place back years ago and was one of the best corvette specialist around. The car Barris did for Farrah had a 454 engine in it. It had special treatment done inside the motor and that is how he confirmed that I had the original car. The car was sold through a local chevy dealership from car craft magizine repainted,wrecked and I purchased it from the owner for the legal fees. I have had the car for quit some time and have kept records of phone calls and such. I have several model kits, 1 is signed by barris when he was here for a car show. Thank you , george.

    Comment by George Owens — July 18, 2009 @ 8:31 am

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