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July 1, 2009

If it wasn’t for Bad Luck….

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Weekend before last  the ’94 Silverado decided to give me attitude.  The wife, sister-n-law and I were heading to my mother-n-laws place to do some repairs on her house and catch up the lawn in Creston, LA.

The trip was about 2 and half hours one way and we made it all the way to Natchitoches, LA (almost there) when the Truck just shut down and coasted to a stop on the shoulder of the interstate.  After several minutes of trying to start the truck it finally cranked but was running rough and I had to stay in the gas to keep it running.  We managed to get to a gas station and then all of the sudden it decided to idle and run like nothing was wrong.  We pressed on with no problem.

On the way back I looked down checking my gages and noticed the odometer was on 99999.  I brought this to everyone’s attention in the truck and would you know it at 100030 we were back on the side of the road again.  I finally got it running and managed to make it to my sister-n-laws house were I had to leave it till the next day.

I thought the truck had a fuel starvation problem so I checked the injectors (both sprayed well), replaced the Fuel pressure regulator (no change) then I moved on to ignition.  I replaced plugs (looked rough) and did everything I thought could be a factor.

Well I was completely WRONG!  I now HATE Throttle Body Injection and ECUs.  I think I will stay Ole Skool.  After popping a battery and discovering the air/fuel module was bad (and replacing) I then discovered that the truck’s problem was it was drowning in fuel.  That’s right it was getting too much fuel!  You could unplug one of the injectors and it ran like a top!  GO FIGURE!  Wish I would have known sooner!

Needless to say I now have to replace the the ECU.  I guess it is still cheaper to do that than go with a new manifold and carb.

I just find it ironic that I just rolled over 100K miles and everything goes to shit.

If it wasn’t for bad luck…I wouldn’t have any luck at all!


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  1. Ouch, that’s just painful. At least it wasn’t the transmission, those old 700R4’s couldn’t even handle basic farm duties back when we had a Chevy of about that vintage (and that’s before we started towing 4 tons of cow in a trailer behind the truck). Are you still thinking of a carb conversion, or what about swapping out to a different fuel injection system?

    Comment by Jordan Morningstar — July 10, 2009 @ 7:27 pm

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