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July 19, 2009

Nothing much to report…

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Since I took over an office in Jackson, MS the last 3 months have been a blur.  Needless to say I haven’t been to any car shows much less had time to look at the Camaro.

I was at one time considering selling the ’71 Z28 because I just didn’t have time for it anymore and there are things the house needs that I just don’t have time to do myself.

Time has always been my enemy.  Never enough time to get things done and never enough time to take a break.

I’m just hoping things ease up at work.

Of course M3 has also been neglected as I have started a private blog for my technicians.  I hope to get back on top of this also and go forward with plans I made when we turned a year old.

So for the time being I will be posting the occasional Pinup and History post and try to mix it up when I can.  Thanks.


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