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January 16, 2009

Work is CRAZY!!!!!

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crazystickfigureactionI have been extremely busy here lately with work and have been putting in 10 to 13 hours days.  I’m hoping to get a chance to write a full length feature on all of the cars my Dad and I have owned over the years as well as a preview of the upcoming NASCAR season and Miss-Lou Car Show scene.  I have somewhat strayed from the original intent of this site.  What were supposed to be occasional posts have become  features and I have noticed a lot of hits to the Monthly Contest page.  I haven’t done a Monthly Contest since November and hope to get them kicked off again soon.

The For Sale page will have a 1967 International Scout soon.  This is a running unrestored Scout with only 46K original miles.

I also have  some work on my ’71 Camaro Z28 that I will be posting.  I will be installing my Dual Quads (500 cfm x2) and a new Holley Blue Label Electric Fuel Pump and Regulator.  I have had a problem will fuel starvation because the stock fuel pump just can’t keep up with the my need for speed.

So here is my list of to-dos now hold me to it!  Just reply with “I WANT MY MAFIA DAMN IT!”


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